Creating Textured Drawings

Transform your Drawing and Sketching Skills

Level up your drawing and sketching skills from hobbyist to advanced with this 3-hour video course. Start practicing the techniques that will make your sketches appear expressive and aesthetically pleasing in no time at all.


Price: $30.00

Flash Sale Price: $15.00

Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings

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Creating Textured Drawings 


Price $30.00

Flash Sale Price: $15


Dramatically Improve the Quality of your Drawing!

Beginners are amazed when they see advanced artists create beautiful  sketches.  I can get your sketches to look both expressive and accurate.

Develop a Sketching Technique that Minimizes Mistakes

Hobbyist often focus so much on drawing in a particular way that they sometimes don’t realize they are using the wrong techniques.  The course contains over 21 videos to help.

Weary of Creating Sub-Standard Sketches and Wasting Time

 Speed Up Your Gestural Drawing Skills. I’ll help you improve FAST with clever tips and skills.

Learn Gestural Sketching

  I’ll demonstrate the techniques need to create expressive sketches quickly, so you can confidently work on fundamentals both at home or on location.


Sketching on Location

Suppose your local area has a beauty spot perfect for sketching.  Learn how advanced artists draw directly from observation.

Generate New creatIve ideas

Stream over 21 videos! Learn how to draw and create a textured collage with instructional videos, ebooks, and a database of relevant artists, and much more.

Individual Video Demonstrations

Three downloadable eBook Workbooks

Over 3 hours of video content!

Downloadable Guide to Artists and Relevant Practitioners

Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings

What this course offers

Learn to draw quickly and instinctively. 

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect, you are just trying to get your ideas down on paper as quickly as possible. 

When drawing like this, don’t draw with your wrist. Draw with your entire arm. Make big strokes, and don’t worry about the details!

Gestural Drawing and Sketching will allow you to draw a subjects quickly. That means you can draw another one more quickly, then another. When you master the skill of collage and gestural drawing.

Our Latest Work

As a drawing enthusiast, you will be looking for quick and effective techniques to help you improve your drawing. A guide to drawing will provide this.

Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings

Develop  Your Drawing Skills

Learn about the concepts and of Drawing and Collage. Each  concept is outlined in both Video & eBook Workbook Formate including a short creative exercises that reinforce the idea. 

Whats Covered in this Drawing Course:


Section One: Gestural Drawing


    1. Gestural Drawing
    2. introduction Timed sketching
    3. 5-minute sketch
    4. 10 minutes sketch
    5. 15 minutes sketch
    6. Drawing with your opposite hand
    7. Drawing with both hands
    8. Continuous Line Drawing
    9. Silhouette Drawing
    10. Silhouette Outlines
    11. Planar Recession
    12. Drawing from memory

      Section Two: Drawing on Location 

    1. Create a Viewing Frame
    2. Framing a Viewpoint on Location
    3. Simple Landscape in a Sketching on Location
    4. Sketching Quickly on Location
    5. Sketching Quickly on Location 

    Section Three: Texture

    1. Mark Making
    2. Examples of How to take Rubbings
    3.  Introduction Texture and Frottage 
    4. Drawing Natural Forms with Ink
    5. Collage Techniques
    6. Create a Textured Landscape
  • Video Course – 80%
  • Ebook workbooks – 15%
  • Artists database – 5%

The Creating Textured Drawings Manual is an Video and eBook Course which is a PDF download NOT a hard copybook. Once downloaded, it can be easily printed and bound (at your own expense).

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