A Guide to Drawing

Drawing & Sketching on Location

Level up your drawing and sketching skills from hobbyist to advanced with this ebook and audio guide. Start practicing the techniques that will make your sketches appear expressive and aesthetically acute in no time at all.

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A Guide to Drawing

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Create Gestural Drawings

Many people are amazed when they see high-level artists sketch effortlessly. Discover practical ways to develop your sketches.

Develop a Creative Approach to Drawing that Minimizes Mistakes

Hobbyists often succumb to weak and ill throughout techniques. Learn to observe and quickly sketch ideas. The eBook contains over 16 strategies to help.

Not Sure How to Begin Sketching?

Suppose you don’t have a studio space. Learn which equipment you actually need, so you can confidently draw and sketch on location.

Do You Lack Creativity?

Dramatically improve your creativity. If you lack inspiration, you will learn to develop creative ideas quickly.


Sketching on Location

Suppose you want to sketch landscapes or urban views. Develop drawing techniques that will enable you to sketch rapidly and with confidence.

Generate creatIve ideas 

Mastering gestural drawing and sketching techniques isn’t beyond your ability. But it is likely to take longer if you keep using the same techniques time after time

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Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings

What this course offers


Learn to draw quickly and instinctively. 

I have always enjoyed art and drawing, in particular, has been a passion and interest of mine since I was a young boy. I have been drawing as a student or teacher for over forty years. I have spent countless hours drawing and teaching others how to draw.

Improve drawing is I collection of all the drawing know-how and knowledge that I have collected over the years

Gestural Drawing and Sketching will allow you to draw a subjects quickly. When you master the skill of gestural drawing  and sketching.

Landscape sketches created on Location

As a drawing enthusiast, you will be looking for quick and effective techniques to help you improve your drawing. A Guide to Drawing will provide this.

Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings

Develop Creative Sketching Skills

Learn about the concepts and of sketching and drawing. Each drawing concept outlined in the eBook includes a short drawing exercise (less than one hour) that reinforces the idea. 

Whats Covered in this eBook & Audio Guide:

  • The most effective way to begin a drawing
  • Sixteen strategies for developing your drawing skills.
  • How to observe and quickly sketch your ideas
  • The key to creating successful textural drawings.
  • How to create a viewing frame
  • How to scale a picture correctly
  • How to create a focus in your drawing
  • ebook – 60%
  • audio guide – 30%
  • video demonstrations – 10%

A Guide to Drawing is an eBook, which is a PDF download NOT a hard copybook. Once downloaded, it can be easily printed and bound (at your own expense).

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