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Drawing Basics: A Guide to Drawing

Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings
Drawing Basics: A Guide to Creating Better Drawings

About Drawing Basics

As a beginner to sketching or a drawing enthusiast, you will be looking for quick and effective techniques to help you improve your drawing. Drawing basic will give you this. Click here to read detailed information at Podia.

A list of fast and practical routines have been condensed together in ebook and audio form. This will permit you to make swift and speedy progress with your sketching.

Learn about the basic concepts and skills of sketching and drawing. Each drawing concept outlined in the ebook includes a short drawing exercise (less than one hour) that reinforces the idea. 

You should read through this ebook in sequential order, completing each task individually. The manual is organized in a way to allow you to make practical progress step by step.

Covered in this ebook:

  • The most effective way to begin a drawing
  • Sixteen strategies for developing your drawing skills.
  • How to observe and quickly sketch your ideas
  • The key to creating successful textural drawings.
  • How to create a viewing frame
  • How to scale a picture correctly
  • How to create a focus in your drawing

The ebook includes:

  • Introduction to gestural sketching
  • List of drawing materials and equipment linked
  • How to balance observation with mark-making.
  • How to loosen up when sketching to improve your drawings.
  • How to vary the line to generate the illusion of form.
  • How to use the viewing frame to accurately view any subject when drawing when working from direct observation.
  • How to draw the landscape and with accuracy using a simple step by step approach to gesture drawing.

Here is a list of chapters and pages included, so you know exactly what you are getting:

Section One:

  • Drawing Fundamentals 
  • Preliminary Drawings and Ideas
  • Misconceptions in the Visual Arts
  • Importance of Gestural Drawing
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Developing Hand-Eye Coordination 
  • Timed Gestural Sketches
  • Drawing with your Unfavoured Hand
  • Drawing With Both Hands
  • Continuous Line Drawing
  • Pencil Grip and How it Can Improve Your Drawings
  • Silhouette Drawings
  • Planal Recession
  • Drawing from Memory 
  • Reduced Line Drawings

Section Two

  • Applying Texture to Your Drawings
  • Mark Making
  • Close-up Studies of Natural Form
  • Drawing Individual Objects
  • Creating A Viewing Frame
  • Drawing a Landscape
  • Texture and Frottage
  • Creating a Textural Landscape

Section Three

  • The Classical Space
  • Producing a Linear Composition
  • Upscaling Your Drawings
  • Advantages of Scaling Your Drawings
  • Creating a Tonal Composition

The Create Better Drawing Manual is an eBook, which is a pdf download NOT a hard copybook. Once downloaded, it can be easily printed and bound (at your own expense).

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